The lawyers of Hakan Uncuoglu law firm helped me in solving a very difficult problem. I was accused of a crime for buying souvenirs! There was a criminal case opened against me in the court, that is why i couldn't leave Turkey. I work in the business connected with the production and sales of flour. In spring 2014, I went to Turkey (Antalya) to join the Congress. After the event, I was going to the hotel by a village and saw a roadside souvenir shop, which sold pretty interesting things and ornamentations. I liked the local household utensils, which have been used by the local people in the past. The seller packed my purchase in a beautiful way and I continued on my way to the hotel. The next day I had to go back to Russia from Antalya airport, but I was arrested at the passport control for the illegal export of items of historical value, and taken to the police station right from the airport. My departure from Turkey was banned and I was forced to stay at the hotel 2.5 months. I have found a lawyer in Antalya but eventually he was unable to help me and I just lost time. Then I turned to Hakan Uncuoglu law firm, and one of the attorneys Hakan Uncuoglu promised to help. In the end he proved my innocence in the court and the ban on departure from Turkey was cancelled, and then accompanied me to the airport until the passport control, because I was afraid that the problems may occur. I am very thankful to Hakan Uncuoglu law office for professionalism and kind attitude.
Anatoly Kuznetsov, Russia, Krasnodar city January 16, 2017
Buying property in another country is very risky and tricky, I am very glad that the lawyers provided me with qualified legal assistance. I came to Turkey on vacation every year, I really like the culture and climate of this country, many years i have been dreaming of buying an apartment on the Mediterranean coast for me and my mother, who is now retired. Finally, I saved the necessary amount of money and went to Alanya, a city on the Mediterranean coast, in order to choose the apartment of my dreams. I got the appointment with a number of real estate agencies. After a few meetings, I was totally confused. None of the agents provided me with sufficient information on how the contract will be made up, whether this or that building coincides the established norms and has all the permitting documents. At the same time, I met more and more people who have become victims of fraud Real Estate agencies and in the end have not received TAPU and lost their savings. I began to understand that the procedure of buying real estate can be very risky, if you are completely unfamiliar with local laws, do not speak the language and can only rely on the real estate agents, whose honesty no one can guarantee. In order not to lose my savings, I decided that I certainly need the assistance of a lawyer in Turkey. In summer 2013 I wrote to several law firms, and after the correspondence I have decided to work with the Hakan Uncuoglu Bureau as they seemed the most professional and answered all my questions. And I was right. One of the attorneys agreed to come to Alanya with me and assist me in all the legal issues. Once I have chosen a few apartments, he checked all the documents in the cadastral Chamber, made up the contract correctly, patiently answered all my questions and helped me with the deal. As a result, I didn’t have any problems with getting a certificate of ownership Tapu and am the proud owner of a sea side apartment. After that with the help of Hakan Uncuoglu law firm I have received a residence permit in Turkey. I express my deep gratitude to the lawyers. They saved me from deception and helped my dream to come true.
Elena Staritskaya, Russia, Moscow January 02, 2017
There was a great tragedy in my life, unfortunately it happened on holiday in Turkey. If the professional attorney of Hakan Uncuoglu law office didn't help me, I wouldn't be able to defend my rights in Turkey. There was a great tragedy in my life, unfortunately it happened on holiday in Turkey. If the professional attorney of Hakan Uncuoglu law office didn't help me, I wouldn't be able to defend my rights in Turkey. I want to share my story, which happened in 2012. I saved some money for the family vacation, we went to Turkey together with my wife and 7-year-old son. The travel agency offered a shuttle service from Antalya airport to our hotel. In the bus we were sitting together with my wife and our son was in her arms. Anticipating the holiday, we were so happy and just could not imagine that on the way to the hotel a terrible accident will change our lives. Our bus ran into truck and turned over, as a result 7 people were injured, and my wife tragically died protecting the child. Our family had a great loss, we were in despair. When I came back to Russia, one of the attorneys of Hakan Uncuoglu law office contacted me and offered his help. I accepted the offer, and the attorney personally came to St. Petersburg with one of the Russian lawyers working with Hakan Uncuoglu law firm. They clearly and patiently informed me about my rights in Turkey, and I decided to start the process of getting material compensation in Turkey together with Hakan Uncuoglu law firm. After that the lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu opened a case in the court of Antalya. As a result, the case was successfully won and I was awarded material compensation. I want to thank Hakan Uncuoglu law office for their honesty and attention. The attorney answered every question and supported me. Together we reached the great results.
Segey P., Russia, Saint Petersburg November 15, 2015
Even in a difficult life situation it is necessary not to fall in despair and fight for your rights. I am very thankful to the attorneys of Hakan Uncuoglu law office as with their legal help I have a right to raise my daughter. I was in a very difficult situation. I met a Turkish man, we fell in love, and finally I decided to accept his marriage proposal. At first our family life brought a lot of happiness to both of us we made a desicion to live in Russia and soon our wonderful daughter Jasmine was born. Some years later disagreements and conflicts started between us there were, I did not see the possibility to save the family and decided to divorce. When I told my husband that I want to divorce with him, he set the condition that he will divorce only if our child stays with him. He threatened to deprive me of the opportunity to see the daughter, I was not familiar with the laws of Turkey, I did not know how to act to protect my legal rights. I decided to find a lawyer in Turkey and I am very happy that I have chosen Hakan Uncuoglu law office. I want to express my gratitude to the lawyer Mustafa Korkmaz who agreed to help me in my difficult situation. With his help the court awarded me a right to bring up our child, and ordered the father of my daughter to pay monthly alimony in the amount of 750 Turkish Liras. I am very happy that i worked with real professionals, thank you for that!
Tatyana Z., Russia, Tumen city June 04, 2015
We want to express our gratitude and appreciation to support, honesty and professionalism of the lawyers working in Hakan Uncuoglu law office. On the 4th may 2014 an unbearable tragedy happened in our family- we lost our only daughter Vlada. On the way from Antalya airport to the hotel where we were going to spend the vacation, the bus turned over. None of the tourists got serious injuries, only our daughter died right on the place of the traffic accident. Right after the funeral we were contacted by the representative of Hakan Uncuoglu law office, Yuri Arkhipov, who offered us legal help in getting compensation for moral and material damage in Turkey. To be honest, at the beginning we were rather sceptical, but we admitted the meeting in Raddison Slavyanskaya Hotel. Lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu came to meet us and we signed the attorney-client agreement. Our court process lasted 1,5 years and finished successfully, we got our insurance payments. The moral and material damage compensation court is a about to finish as well.
Inna Malakhova, Russia, Moscow March 17, 2015