Fighting for child custody for a foreign mother in the court of Turkish Republic

Child custody after divorce in Turkey
divorce in Turkey

Our lawyers in Turkey have obtained child custody rights for a foreign mother as a result of a long and tiring divorce process with turkish spouse which take place in Ankara Province.

Today, 06.04.15 Hakan Üncüoğlu law office has successfully finished another difficult divorce trial. As a result, a client of our firm, a citizen of Russian Federation has obtained the custody of a child born from a citizen of Turkish Republic.

The trial was quite difficult and lasted for about a year, but now the mother of a child has the right to raise her daughter in Russia and is no longer afraid of being separated from her. We congratulate our firm's client on this important victory!

Dear women! If you have a similar life situation, and do not know how to protect your rights during the divorce trial in Turkey, you can ask your questions to our lawyers in Turkey, we will be glad to help you.