Another great victory in the unique court case followed by Turkish newspapers

lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu wins the process
unfair competition processes in Turkey

The great success of attorney at law Hakan Üncüoğlu in the Turkish Competition protection Committee! A unique case for Republic of Turkey on unfair competition has successfully finished.

Lawyers of Hakan Üncüoglu Legal bureau can justifiably be proud of their experience in protection both local and foreign enterprises from violation of competition rules. We want to share with our readers a bright example from our legal practice, which has attracted the attention of Turkish press.

Our lawyers have initiated the legal process against the international exhibition and conference center "Congresium" in Ankara on behalf of the principal "A&A Fuarcılık Organizasyon Ltd. Şti.". As a result of oral proceedings held on 27.10.16 and perfectly prepared convincing performance of our attorney Hakan Uncuoglu, the Competition Committee of Turkish Republic has found our application legally fair and accepted the fact that the defendant had abused its authority. Let's explain the situation to our readers.

Our client company specialising in organisation of furniture exhibitions, has been performing such events in Ankara for 25 years. With The purpose of organising the next exhibition in 2014, the company "A&A Fuarcılık Organizasyon Ltd. Şti." Submitted a request to Administration of Congresium exhibition center, the application was unfairly rejected. At the end of legal proceedings initiated on the basis of this incident, Turkish Republic Competition Committee issued a final decision stating the violation of Article 6 of Competition protection law Number 4054. The parties have the right to submit their application against this decision to the Administrative Court of Turkish Republic.

The decision has been published by all major online news agencies of Turkish Republic, more can be found here.