Meeting with the governor and the head of Hatay Province Municipality

lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu at the meeting in Hatay, Turkey
lawyer of a foreign company in Turkey

Lawyer Hakan Üncüoğlu, as a legal advisor of MMK Metalurji, takes part in important meetings with the governor Erdal Ata and the head of the Municipality Lutfi Savash.

For a long time attorney at law Hakan Uncuoglu has been a legal adviser in one of the largest foreign enterprises in Turkey- Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine (Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works MMK).

Having two large production sites situated in Iskenderun city (Hatay province) and in Istanbul, Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine is rightfully one of the largest producers of metal products, not only in Turkey, but also among the countries of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Attorney Hakan Uncuoglu is pleased to have an experience of effective cooperation with a Russian enterprise of such scale, especially when joint productive work brings stable positive results..

An important meeting between MMK general director Denis Kvasov, lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu and the head of Hatay Province municipality , Mr. Lutfi Savash took place on July, 18. During the visit they discussed development prospects of the whole region, importance of metallurgical industry in economy of Hatay Province and important tasks of the largest foreign investors.

The meeting was held in a warm atmosphere, the guidelines for further development and expansion of production were determined.

Earlier, on July 5, 2017, the MMK factory located in the city of Iskenderun was honored with a visit by the governor of Hatay province, Erdal Ata, that undoubtedly became an important event, the meeting was highlighted in the local press.

Lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu was also invited to the meeting between MMK General director Denis Kvasov and mr. Erdal Ata. According to the local newspaper Hatay Yaşam, the general director Denis Kvasov met the governor with great respect and organised a tour at the factory, showing the stages of all production and the port area.

Young, ambitious and successful CEO of MMK Denis Kvasov shared plans to expand categories of manufactured products. Mr. Kvasov emphasised that the visit of the governor is a great honor for the enterprise.

Excursion around the factory was continued by the meeting in a warm friendly atmosphere. At the meeting, the Governor payed attention to the discussion of region's development goals until 2023, pointing out that an important role in their implementation is played by the metallurgical industry.

As a legal consultant of MMK firm in Turkey, who gained trust and acknowledgement of the management, lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu sees the company's great prospects in competing for leading positions in the region and the whole country


From left to right: a meeting with the head of the Hatay Municipality Lutfi Sawash, a meeting with the governor Erdal Ata, a tour of the factory