Rights of a foreign widow in Turkey

rights of a widow in Turkey
widow in Turkey

Our law office is constantly receiving a great number of questions from foreign women united by the same sorrow- the death of Turkish husband. What should a widow do in this situation and what legal rights does she have? Our family lawyers in Turkey decided to answer the most frequently asked questions in this article.

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The rights of inheritance in Turkey, documents.

rights of inheritance in Turkish law
inheritance in Turkey

The number of foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey is constantly increasing. Many older people who get retired move to Turkey to enjoy the mild climate, wonderful nature and rich culture of this country. The question of transferring the rights of inheritance becomes rather topical in the legal practice. In other words what the heirs should do to join the rights of inheritance in case when the testator, who possessed the movable assets, immovable assets or a bank account in Turkey,dies.

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The ways of drawing testament in Turkey

drawing a will in Turkey
testament in Turkey

As as addition to our article about registration of inheritance rights in Turkey, we would like to share the information about the ways of drawing a will.

We often receive the questions connected with the testament from elderly people who choose Turkey as a country of residence after being retired. In this article we will briefly discuss whether the will which has been made in another country is valid in Turkey, and the three possible ways of drawing the testament.

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Can I issue the power of attorney abroad?

how to issue power of attorney abroad for trial in Turkey
power of attorney

For litigation and legal actions on the territory of Turkish Republic, it is necessary to have such an important legal document as power of attorney (POA). POA gives the lawyer legal permission to act on his client`s behalf in legal matters and represent the client`s interests in the court.

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