Thermal waters in Karahayit

thermal vacation in Turkey
thermal resort

Surely, any tourist who loves Turkey have least once visited or wants to visit Pamukkale. Internet and travel magazines are full of reviews and photos of this wonderful place, so we will not write about the things known and written by millions. We would like to tell about little-known places that are definitely worth visiting if you decide to take a trip in the Area of Pamukkale. We advise not to choose a one-day trip, because to get the complete impression of these places it is necessary to stay there at least for 3-4 days.

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Olympos cable car

beautiful places of Turkey
Olympos cable car in Turkey

Would you like to see the most amazing sunset from the top of the mountain, fly over the Taurus mountains like a bird, see the fresh snow in the middle of spring? You can get an unforgettable experience, boarding the famous Olympos cable car, which is located near the town of Kemer (lower station is located between the villages of Camyuva and Tekirova).

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The kingdom of Midas

The gold king Midas
Midas and the city of Gordion Turkey

In childhood probably each of us have heard the mythological parable about greedy King Midas with donkey ears who lived in ancient Phrygia, and received a very beneficial talent from the god Dionysus- everything he touched turned to gold. However, this gift has turned into a tragedy. One day King Midas embraced his own daughter, and she turned into a gold statue forever.

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Abant lake

most beautiful lakes of the world
Abant lake in Turkey

The magnificent natural reserve Abant lake is located in the northwest part of Turkey, not far from the province of Bolu, at an altitude of over 1,000 meters above sea level. This place and the road leading to it are extraordinarily beautiful at any time of the year. We were able to go there in early December, when the lake was not frozen, but the land and the trees around it were covered with freshly fallen snow.

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