Family&Civil Law In Turkey

Our attorneys are ready to offer legal support to foreign citizens facing problems with family law in Turkey.

Family law is a very important area of our law practice as it regulates family matters and domestic relationships.

Nowadays Turkey is a very popular tourist destination, its economy is attractive to investors, a great number of foreign citizens buy property in Turkey and obtain permanent resident visa. As a result, in recent years the number of international marriages in Turkey has increased greatly.

Sometimes mixed marriages may face such difficulties as different cultural backgrounds and religious views, it may cause arguments and divorces. Such legal issues as division of property, payment of alimony, parental rights and obligations are regulated by the civil code of Turkey. In this case hiring a reliable attorney becomes a matter of great importance.

The reasons for divorce can be various, but according to our legal practice, the most common ones are: domestic violence, adultery, psychological or sexual incompatibility between spouses, lack of commitment etc.

Whatever the reason for divorce is, effective protection of a foreign woman's legal rights in Turkey becomes very difficult or almost impossible without consulting experienced family attorneys. For example, a woman who faced domestic violence can obtain the compensation for moral damage in the court, providing such proofs as medical reports and witnesses. The amount of compensation is assigned by the court according to the severity of injuries and financial conditions of the guilty spouse. Domestic violence can be definitely considered to be a fair reason for divorce, the court can even apply such measure as restraining order. Our family lawyers provide foreign citizens with legal services and advise on divorce proceedings, child custody, alimony, establishing paternity, obtaining compensations and division of property.

According to the civil code of Turkey, every child whose father is a citizen of Turkey has a right to get alimony. In case the child`s father tries to avoid alimony payments, he may get criminal penalty. A child born in wedlock also has inheritance rights. You can find useful information about Turkish family law and conditions of getting compensations, alimony, division of property etc. in our blog divorce in Turkey.

Our services in the field of Turkish Civil law:

  • Drawing testament.
  • Legalization of inheritance rights in Turkey.
  • Legalization of foreign testament in Turkey.
  • Division of testator's property between the heirs.
  • Appointment of a guardian for mentally retarded person.

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