Motor Vehicle Accident Compensations

Legal assistance for the foreign citizens who are involved in traffic accidents in Turkey.

The republic of Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. In 2013, 34 million foreigners came to Turkey.

Unfortunately, there are cases where foreign tourists die or are seriously injured in motor vehicle crashes. The majority of car crashes takes place while people are travelling to distant cities by tour buses or even while crossing on the road. In such cases a tour company whose vehicle is involved in a traffic accident is responsible for paying moral and material damage compensations.

As the majority of foreign tourists are simply unaware of their legal rights in Turkey, moreover they are experiencing a very difficult psychological period after the car crash in most cases they don’t apply to court. Our professional motor vehicle accidents lawyers in Turkey offer legal assistance and free consultations to foreign nationals, who were involved in motor vehicle crashes in Turkey and assist them with obtaining compensations.

As we have mentioned before there are two kinds of compensation- moral damage compensation and material damage compensation. According to the Turkish legislation, the compensation for moral damage must be payed to the people who who were injured in the car crash, even in case their personal injuries were not very serious and they will recover completely. The right of obtaining moral compensation also unconditionally belongs to the relatives of those who deceased in the traffic accident, even if these relatives are not proximate successors.

The right of getting material damage compensation belongs the persons who are have expensive medical treatment or not able to work or due to the injuries they got in the car crash. Compensation for material damage is also assigned in cases where the personal injury results in a disability. The relatives (normally the heirs) can obtain the material compensation in case they were getting material support from the deceased or totally disabled victims of motor vehicle crash.

The amount of material and moral compensations awarded to an individual is determined by the court. There are many factors which influence the final sum of compensation for moral and material damage. If we speak about the injured persons, the following nuances must be taken into consideration.

  • the degree of personal injury severity.
  • the possible disability or incurable personal injuries in future.
  • the time spent in the hospital and applied medical treatment peculiarities.
  • the occupation and salary of the injured person.

For the family of deceased person:

  • the age of deceased person.
  • occupation and salary of deceased person.
  • the number of family members, who got material support from deceased person.

Other factors which influence the amount of compensation:

  • the degree of the vehicle driver's fault.
  • the state of the vehicle, it's age and possible defects which might have led to the car crash, compliance with safety standards.

To find out the amount of compensation which can be assigned particularly in your case, please apply to our motor vehicle accident lawyers for free consultation.

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